Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's been almost a year to the dates since I last posted.  I didn't realize it had been that long!  And since it's Thanksgiving month I think I'll just make a list of blessings summarizing this last year...I may leave some out but that just means that there are so many!

  1. Recovering from surgery from the tumor last November and the doctor was able to save my right ovary.
  2. Amazed and grateful for our mission family who each helped us out through our crisis, calling doctors, taking care of our children, loaning us money to pay our bill at the hospital (hospitals only accept you in when they see you have enough money to cover your stay) until we could pay them back, even a local pastor who took a bus to Guaraciaba to drive our car back for us. 
  3. God's timing in selling our car only a few weeks before the crisis, allowing us to have enough money to pay the medical and surgery bills until they were reimbursed by our insurance.
  4. Good medical insurance and staff at Avant who helped us through this crisis with prayer and financial flexibility.
  5. Headed to the U.S. for furlough--so nice to experience family, friends, supporting churches, the cold, good roads, sleeping under blankets, carpet between the toes, wearing socks, warm showers, American home cooking, American stores
  6. Had time to rest for the first month and completely recover from the surgery.  Todd said that every time I sat in a car, I slept while in the U.S.  A mixture of physical exhaustion and good roads.
  7. Met with every supporting church plus two non-supporting churches.  Tried to meet with every supporter but wasn't able to.  A Goal for next time we're in the States.
  8. Returned to ministry in Croata to the good job our friends Nathaniel and Jordana did in our absence.
  9. Kid's Club attendance is going strong.  God always brings new children to share His Gospel with.
  10. Several Bible studies with children and they are making decisions and growing.
  11. Working on getting to know the parents of the children.  Have developed some good relationships with a few, others don't desire it but haven't stopped their kids from coming.
  12. New Baptist Pastor and wife move into town--our first close Brazilian friends here in town.
  13. Miss Neuma accepts our invitation to come work with us here in Croata.
  14. God preserves my health through several minor procedures.
  15. Our beautiful children complete one school year (3rd and K) and start the next year and doing well. 
  16. Michaela has struggled with spelling and writing but is coming along very well with two new curriculum I bought to address the issues.  
  17. Samuel has learned to read very well and very quickly!
  18. God protected Samuel from head injury during a recent fall.
  19. A kind couple we met while visiting one of our supporting churches was coming to Fortaleza for their son's wedding.  They put together a suitcase and sent a package in the mail containing supplies and prizes for our children's ministry.  
  20. Stable support even during the financial crisis in the U.S.  We have averaged about 80 to 85% of our required support for last 2 years.  
  21. My parents' visit in June.  So wonderful to spend time with them and reconnect, show the Croata and Dad even helped with the negotiations on the land.
  22. We received a loan from Todd's parents to buy land and build a house here in Croata.  
  23. God provided a good location and good price on land through an acquaintance.
  24. We have found a builder with a good reputation in town.  And the building is coming along pretty well.  We hope to be in the house by the end of the year or beginning of next.
  25. We were very surprised to find out that I am pregnant!  After 5 years of trying, after being told this year that we needed to give up our desire to have more children, God in His wonderful timing has given us another blessing.
  26. I praise the Lord for a good doctor who has helped me keep the baby so far.  This is a high risk pregnancy, so I have to be careful and the Lord has helped me so far.
  27. A wonderful husband who takes care of all us even while his plate is full with Bible Studies and house construction.  He is my biggest blessing!
  28. The internet to be able to keep in touch with family and friends in the U.S.
  29. A new openness with our relationships with our neighbors.  They are not afraid to ask questions about the Lord with us anymore.  Very encouraging!
  30. I'm on my 5th lesson with the new Ladies' Bible Study that we have started.  It's been very encouraging to see how open they are and telling me they are inviting their relatives to come. 
  31. My God who supplies all our needs, who gives us strength from day to day and renews His mercies every morning.  Great is your faithfulness, Lord!  I am so glad to be your child, redeemed and forgiven.  I want to live my life always loving and trusting You!