Favorite Books

Okay, I love to Read. There are some things you should know, though.
  • Todd always teases me about this. I don't have one favorite (as the word is defined--one thing you like the most) but a category of favorites.
  • Also a good book to me is defined by one of these things--I can't put it down, which usually means I'm up through the night reading a book, or if I'm disciplined enough about it, I can't think of anything else while I'm doing what I should be doing.
  • I like a book that makes me cry and laugh. I get so deeply involved that if it doesn't have some comic relief it really affects me for a long time.
  • I like fiction, mostly historical fiction.
All Right--This is off the top of my head and I'll update it with Authors later

The Black Rose--an old classic that few have heard of.  It's awesome!
Perpetua--About a Roman girl in the time of the Catacombs
Pollyanna--A little girl and her "Glad" Game
The Bronze Bow--The Time of Christ--historical fiction
Stepping Heavenward--Very Inspiring to be a godly wife, woman
Hinds Feet on High Places--Biblical Allegory