Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day In the Life

Today, let's see. We woke up late because we stayed up late last night watching Tim Hawkins music videos. Todd discovered him yesterday and it took most of the evening to download them and so we were up late. That threw my whole day off. We're supposed to start school at the latest 8:30, and it was 8:45.
Sammy's been doing well in school. Today he reiterated, "I love school!" He is doing well, but I can tell he gets worn out with trying to make his letters right. I don't want to dampen his enthusiasm, but he just couldn't seem to figure out the Capital B. They all looked top heavy. So I gave him a big hug and told him he was working hard and let him play for the rest of the morning. We'll face it again tomorrow.
Michaela's school is taking until 1:30 to 2:00 every afternoon. I know I give her recess and we read aloud, but she's got so much to do still. I haven't even added piano lessons (Todd finally installed the electrical outlet to plug in the keyboard today) or all the history I would like to read. I can see she's getting faster and better with her spelling and writing already and it's only the fourth week of school. I'm going to wait and see how it goes.
We figured out our milk issue, I lost a bid on e-bay for homeschool books because of our slow internet connection, I found someone to make some curtains for us for super inexpensive, we had our usual group of boys come by to play basketball, besides normal every day life things. It's fun and it's busy. Normally I go walking with my two neighbors, the two Marias, but neither was available and I didn't make it back before dark anyway.
We don't have TV connection, and so we've been enjoying quiet evenings with the kids before bedtime. It's amazing that they don't even ask to watch movies much anymore. It could be because they're tired of the same ones, but I do see them playing more together and enjoying reading and looking at books together. Tonight we found hidden pictures in one of Sammy's books. It was fun. The kids are in bed and I'm going to bed soon. It's already 10 pm. I need to make up for yesterday.

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