Thursday, September 23, 2010

My New Blog

For quite awhile now I've been thinking about starting my own little blog. Some friends have suggested it; I often think of little things I'd like to share but not something I would put in our news updates. Just personal, daily things, or new ideas, or cultural shock things, recipes that I have found or different experiences because of living in rural Brazil. It may not be new to some and it may be totally different from the lives of others, but this is my life.

So if I've been thinking about doing this, what has stopped me from doing it? Mainly, I couldn't think of anything creative to call my blog. I've thought of all sorts of things and finally decided today that I wouldn't put it off any longer. I'd just call it Julie's Blog, generic and boring, and leave it at that. I'm not an overly creative person anyway, so it fit. One's already taken. Well, I was about to give up then I really believe the Lord put this idea in my head, Grace Leaning or Leaning on Grace.

That seems to best describe where I am today. I am a sinner, saved by grace, who struggles with every day living much less the task God has given us to do here in Croata, Brazil, otherwise known as the "End of the Road". I have to depend on Christ every day to put food on the table, to take care of my kids and keep them healthy, to homeschool, to work along side my husband trying to help people that don't know they need a Savior, that don't trust the strangers that have moved in among them, see that they do need a Savior and should turn to Him.

I'm not perfect, I have a lot of areas that I struggle with, and yet the Lord has chosen us to be involved in this ministry. I figure, if God has brought us this far, then He'll give us the grace to do it. Therefore I must lean on Him. Lean on His Grace, His Strength, Depend Completely on Him. And He is Able! Praise God!

So welcome to anyone who is interested in reading whatever I think to write. Maybe no one will, but it will be somewhere for me to think out loud, too! :) And I often enjoy thinking out loud with my friends. I do pray though, that this will be an encouragement to someone who knows they aren't perfect put wants to find victory over sin and be able to serve the Lord completely, with their whole heart and mind. May this encourage you to see that God wants you, maybe not serving in the mission field overseas, but He does want you. May God be glorified and His name be praised!

May the Words of My Mouth and the Meditations of My Heart
be Pleasing to You, O Lord, My Rock, My Savior.

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Rachel said...

Hi Julie! It will be good to hear from your heart...blogs are fun. :) Naming them is a different story, though...glad to hear the Lord gave you something just in the nick of time!